Music is one of the key elements of your wedding. You'll replay the melodies from your special day over and over again in your mind for years to come. From the Ave Maria to Celine Dion, hiring the perfect music wedding singer for your ceremony or reception not only defines your style, but also expresses the love between you and your spouse. At, we pride ourselves on offering such a vast selection of song and instruments. I can perform virtually any musical genre, including opera, classical, Broadway, as well as contemporary favorites. And wedding songs? I have an extensive list of wedding song suggestions.

I am a performer, composer and writer that makes a winning combination of Instrumentalist and Featured Artist for Popular, Classical, Sacred, Jazz Standards and Therapeutic Concerts as well as for Recital, Light Opera, Standard Orchestra, Corporate Convention and wedding work. I play sax, piano and guitar.

Call me before you confirm the date of your wedding. I will be glad to welcome you to my studio in Capiago Intmiano (CO) near the suggestive Lake of Como where you can watch a live performance and see my work, contact me at +39 3383830139 or email

I'll play guitar and piano during the party. In addition to the GUITAR and PIANO, I can play SAX or ACCORDION AND PERCUSSION! 

Send an email to OR CALL +39 3383830139.